MTX Connect announces new tariff plans

27/12/2017 - LUXEMBOURG - December 27th, 2017

MTX Connect, an international mobile data operator, introduces new tariff plans with more data for lower prices. Customers can choose from five data plans developed for different Internet needs: “Pay As You”, “Optimal Daily”, “Unlimited Daily”, “Big Data” and “Monster Data”.

Pay As You Go: the best traffic plan for a short trip, now €0,015 per Mb instead of €0,029. Users pay only for the traffic they actually used.
Optimal Daily: 350Mb in Europe and 200Mb anywhere for €3,49.
Unlimited Daily: 24 hours of unlimited access for €9,99.
Big Data: 1Gb all over the world and 2Gb in Europe for 15 days costs now €14,99 instead of €19.99.
Monster Data: 4Gb in Europe and 2Gb anywhere for 15 days for €24,99 instead €39,99.

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About MTX Connect:

Founded in 2013, MTX Connect is a full MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) specializing in broadband internet access services for travelers and serving customers from Europe, North America and Asia, and specific countries through Africa and Australasia. MTX Connect is headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in Tallinn, Kiev, Limassol, Moscow and Hong Kong.

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Press Contact:
Phil Akhnazarov
MTX Connect