MTX Connect is awarded the "Made in Luxembourg” label

20/12/2017 - LUXEMBOURG - December 20st, 2017

Since December 2017, MTX Connect has been approved to use the label "Made in Luxembourg". It was introduced in 1984 by Luxembourg’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber of Trade to promote the products and services of companies established in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Since the creation, 880 companies have been allowed to use this label.

Located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is one of the three official capitals of the European Union. It is where Schengen Agreement was signed and got its name from the small village in the bank of Mosel river and where MTX Connect headquarters are based.


About MTX Connect:

Founded in 2013, MTX Connect is a full MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) specializing in broadband internet access services for travelers and serving customers from Europe, North America and Asia, and specific countries through Africa and Australasia. MTX Connect is headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in Tallinn, Kiev, Limassol, Moscow and Hong Kong.

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Press Contact:
Phil Akhnazarov
MTX Connect