MTX Connect 40 countries of LTE

LUXEMBOURG - March 1st, 2017 - Today, MTX Connect, global mobile data carrier, is happy to announce since March, 1st, 2017 LTE internet available in forty countries across the globe.

By now coverage of LTE high-speed mobile internet supported by more than 50 operators in different parts of the world from US to France to Japan. MTX Connect team do their best to provide LTE in every country from the coverage list where it possible. There are next 10 countries added in pipeline for next quarter include couple of crucial destinations for our consumers. In other countries where LTE unavailable right now consumers get fast 3G mobile internet. MTX Connect mobile internet available in more than 70 countries (3G & LTE) by own SIM-card, flat and fair data packages and mobile app for service control.


About MTX Connect:

Founded in 2013, MTX Connect is a full MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) specializing in broadband internet access services for travelers and serving customers from Europe, North America and Asia, and specific countries through Africa and Australasia. MTX Connect is headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in Tallinn, Kiev, Limassol, Moscow and Hong Kong.

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Press Contact:
Phil Akhnazarov
MTX Connect